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Multimedia Creative Journalist

Focused Journalist delivers consistent and professional work for every assignment. Offers 3+ years in University newsroom leadership and top-notch abilities in writing, reporting and editing. Excellent verbal and written communicator with strong background cultivating positive relationships and exceeding goals.

I am Leah Britton, a current undergraduate student at the University of Arizona. Here, I am working towards a B.A. in Journalism with a minor in American Sign Language. I am very passionate about storytelling. I love using my creativity to share the messages of others and my own thoughts to audiences via different mediums. I am experienced with a multitude photo editing, audio and video production software, and have been mastering my journalistic skills in newsrooms throughout my college experience. I am eager to tell stories and amplify the voices of those unheard.

I began my broadcasting journey at the UATV3 my freshman year as a reporter. UATV3 is the University of Arizona's student led broadcasting station, and the only program of it's kind in the PAC-12. UATV3 produces daily content through out the semester, including our weekly full-scale shows "Wildcast" and "A sports Show". During this first year, I was trained in production and broadcast journalism basics. I gained beneficial experience with studio equipment and creating powerful visual news.The following year, I selected as News Director. In this role, I organized the logistics behind producing our news content, such as delegating reporters to different segments, and working with other members of the executive board to make sure the station ran smoothly.All of my experience amounted to the moment I was chosen to be the General Manager of UATV3. In this role, I oversaw the operations of the entire station. This included recruiting, selecting and training new reporters, finding new ways to innovate the station's content and monitoring our social algorithms to grow our audience. I had the best time getting to connect with other campus leaders while in this role, including bridging a new relationship with our universities student government, and the School of Journalism.As General Manager I also directed and produced our weekly broadcasts, as well as delegated different studio roles to various reporters and production members to ensure my peers gain valuable studio experience.In 2022, I began working at Arizona Public Media (AZPM), Southern Arizona's PBS and NPR affiliate, as the Assistant Producer of Arizona Spotlight. Arizona Spotlight is a weekly arts and entertainment radio show. In this role I coordinated and schedule interviews with a variety of guests on a daily basis. I also conducted and edited all of my own content to be featured on our show frequently. In addition to the journalistic work required of me in this role, I received extensive experience in audio engineering and editing. I worked behind the soundboard everyday at AZPM, engineering studio sessions for many of our newsroom’s contributors. I was also responsible for the weekly webpage that accompanies each of our episodes, which I create using HTML coding.My senior year I was selected by the faculty at the School of Journalism as the 2024 Don Bolles Fellow. For this opportunity, I moved up to Phoenix to report on the happenings at the Arizona State Legislature for the Arizona Mirror, a trusted digital publication focused on local and national politics.I have a wide variety of interests, and many beats that I hope to cover throughout my career. Currently, I am most interested in Arts & Lifestyle and Entertainment. I love being able to convey the passion people have for their creative endeavors through my stories covering the arts. I also like lifestyle coverage, because I enjoy the idea of writing stuff that people can see themselves in and apply to their own lives. Reporting entertainment news is exciting, because I have always had a passion for pop culture, especially music. In my free time, I enjoy reviewing and dissecting new music from my favorite artists as well as exploring the world of modelling and photography!

Below, I've linked my author profiles from past publications, as well as some of my favorite articles of mine!

During my time at The School of Journalism, I have had the chance to hone in on my skills as a multimedia reporter. Below, are some samples of my multimedia reporting work!

Senior Year

Junior Year

Sophomore Year

As a part of my role as Assistant Producer for AZPM's Arizona Spotlight, I create stories that shine a light on the rich and diverse culture of Tucson, as well as stories I want to bring to the attention of my community. In addition to working on show content, I engineer most of the interviews and segments we air, and I am responsible for the weekly webpages that accompany our shows.Below you will find links to some of the many pieces of mine that have aired on Arizona Spotlight. Each of my interviews are completely done by me, from pitch to publish! This includes al editing, which I do using Adobe Audition.

My interview with Arizona Theatre Company's Artistic Director, Chanel Bragg ahead of her first show run.

My interview with Kevin Kantor, the lead actor in a travelling production of "The Legend of Georgia Mcbride."

My interview with the founders of QUEER AF, a local non-profit that organizes monthly events to unify Tucson's queer community.

My interview with Amy Guglielmo, the creative director of the new Reading Rainbow: LIVE!

My interview with KIDZ AT PLAY, a creative collective from Richmond, Virginia.

Click the image below to visit the Arizona Spotlight homepage, where you can view the webpages I have created for past episodes.

Going forward, I have a great interest in becoming a News Producer. I have had the chance to practice putting together entertaining and informative newscasts at UATV as the current Executive Producer. In this role, I construct each of our weekly newscasts, as well as write the scripts and create all of the graphics. This has given me great insight on what it takes to not only draw in an audience, but convince them to stick around for the duration of the show. I have had so much fun trying new ways to make our shows more exciting, like the new segment "Wildcat Recap" that I created and built a graphic for. Below, you will find a few of the shows that I have written that I am most proud of!

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